The Second interview in the Podcast interviews

In the next few days I will posting the second interview. This morning I interviewed Dr Manolo Tomas, Head of the ENT Department in Son Espases Hospital, and when the interview is ready it will be uploaded.

Among othe topics Dr Tomas discusses his reason for studying Medicine, the current state of ENT and Health, the importance of Medical Education and English .

Bye for now

Podcast interviews in English


The Medical English blog will begin a series of podcast interviews. The idea is to set up a regular interview section where we will interview doctors, nurses, health librarians, researchers, in fact all those working in the field of medicine. The interviews aim to present the “personal” side of those working within medicine, and we will try to discover what makes these professionals tick, what inspires them, what motivates them, what they enjoy or dislike about their work; a insider’s vision.

So, I am looking for volunteers, people who wish to share their experiences and give us a small insight into their lives as medical professionals. Obviously the interviews will take place in English, and as well as the interview I am going to upload the text so that it is a complete learning experience, and dare I say a learning experience on different levels.

This week will be the first week, and I expect to be interviewing a doctor from the Pneumology/ Thoracic surgery  area in Son Espases Hospital.