More interesting linguistic notes

A friend of mine, Philip Bazire, a surgeon trained both in the UK and in Spain, and an expert in Medical  Translation saw the last post and made a few comments of his own.

It is a fact that very often Spanish doctors confuse  words/ terms between English and Spanish, and Philip mentions a few of these confusions.

The Spanish word “evolución” when talking about a disease or illness is normally translated as ” clinical course”. It is NOT evolution. This is a false friend. “Antecendentes” could be “past history”, “past medical history” of ” background”, and when a patient refers to pain and, in Spanish, says “irradia” this should not be translated as “irradiates” but “radiates” or even “spreads”; for example – ” dolor torácico que irradia hacia el brazo izquierdo” would probably be translated as ” chest pain that radiates to the left arm”.

We are working on the next interview, which will uploaded before the end of this month. Have a great week.

A new section dedicated to interesting expressions

This morning in a clinical session in English in the Infectious Diseases section of Internal Medicine in Son Espases Hospital I heard a very nice expression, which apparently is commonly used. It was –


and so from now onwards I wish to introduce a new section to the blog – “Interesting Expressions related to Medical English”.

Please if you have any expressions that you think would be interesting to publish send me a mail. Thank you.

Podcast interviews in English


The Medical English blog will begin a series of podcast interviews. The idea is to set up a regular interview section where we will interview doctors, nurses, health librarians, researchers, in fact all those working in the field of medicine. The interviews aim to present the “personal” side of those working within medicine, and we will try to discover what makes these professionals tick, what inspires them, what motivates them, what they enjoy or dislike about their work; a insider’s vision.

So, I am looking for volunteers, people who wish to share their experiences and give us a small insight into their lives as medical professionals. Obviously the interviews will take place in English, and as well as the interview I am going to upload the text so that it is a complete learning experience, and dare I say a learning experience on different levels.

This week will be the first week, and I expect to be interviewing a doctor from the Pneumology/ Thoracic surgery  area in Son Espases Hospital.