One Year on the Web

It gives me great pleasure to wish Medical English by Jonathan McFarland a very happy birthday! One year old, still crawling but just about to learn to walk…………. and then who knows!! Mallorca, Baleares, Liverpool, NYC ….. the World!! Thanks to all for following, commenting and helping, and please don’t stop to follow, make comments and also tell your friends; Birthday parties are more fun with a gang than alone!!! If you have ideas, if you have suggestions for the way to follow – tell me – And now lets get out there and add to this great foundation and  make history!!!

Soon – 1st year Celebrations!!!!!!!!!!!


Very soon we will be celebrating the 1st year as a blog!!!

When I mentioned this some of the comments were:

“Can’t believe it !!”

“Seems like yesterday”

” Looking good for your age!!”

Well, ladies and gentlemen it IS true, so soon we will be celebrating with a tremendous NEW uplift. Watch out. Any comments, as always are welcome!!!