New peaks and waters

August and the holidays are over, and we return to routine and normality. But what kind of return are we facing?

A difficult September ( The January climb has been forwarded to September!), and maybe that is an understatment; with more cuts on the horizon, more job losses and more price increases…… The prospects seem dour, and the light at the tunnel seems non-existent but that is just the moment to react…… and act ……. and push forward. And for this reason  at MedicalEnglishBlog we are returning with an increased optimism in the face adversity. We are looking for new peaks to climb and new waters to cross, a new path to the waterfall. ( Courtesy of Raymond Carver)

In the near future we will upload the last of the sections of the interview with Dr Manolo Tomas, and next week we are going to record a new interview with Eulalia Pastor, the speech therapist from Son Llatzer Hospital and the first non Doctor to be interviewed.

So welcome back, and do not forget that this blog is nothing without you, the readers and the future contributors and collaborators.

An Interview with Dr Manolo Tomas – Part 2

Dr. Manolo Tomas

As promised I have uploaded the second part of the interview with Dr Manolo Tomas.

In this section he talks about why he studied ENT, and the differences between the medical and the surgical side of the medical profession, and he also delves into medical education and its importance. So please enjoy and listen with interest. Thanks