Soon to be uploaded


Coming soon a Video Interview with Dr Jose Luis Perez, the Head of the Microbiology Department at Son Espases Hospital, and a post by me about Dr Richard Asher a doctor practising in London in the first half of the 20th century and an excellent writer of medical matters. But in the meantime answer this question – What is the worst sin a doctor can do?

Coming soon

 I am very sorry for the lack of recent posts but things seem to have been very busy recently. That is NO excuse I know but anyway I am going to try and make amends and as you will see I have an interesting array of posts coming up very soon.

In the next few days I hope to post the First Post from Abroad!!! Catalina Barcelo is a resident in Pharmacy from Son Espases Hospital, and she is presently doing her external rotation in Baltimore. She is working on her post to be published within the next few days.

Next week I will be interviewing the boss of Microbiology at Son Espases, Dr Jose Luis Perez, and then in the same week I will be interviewing Dr Joan Milà from the Immunology Department of the same hospital.

I also have in the pipelines an interview with Professor Jacky Hayden, the Dean of the North West Deanery in the United Kingdom. She is in charge of ALL Medical Training for the north west area of England, which includes Manchester.  So as you can see there are many interesting things to look forward to.

So keep tuned.