“The pleasure of taking risks” by Dr Daniel Rodezno

The pleasure of taking risks


How many times in your life have you regretted things that you have not done?

Lack of time (perfect excuse among physicians), monotony and our fear of giving up our comfort zone often deprive us of living great experiences that can change our lives positively.

Making such an important decision like moving to another country for a few months can seem a little intimidating and much food for thought.

In my case, it was due to a mixture of objectives: To know other cultures, improve my English, to network and grow professionally by observing how things work in other hospitals, which led me to decide to request an external rotation to the UK.

My name is Daniel Rodezno, and I am fourth-year resident of Urology in Hospital Son Espases and I’m currently making an external rotation of two months in the UCLH (University College London Hospitals) and I wanted to share some of my experiences and impressions with you.


After months of intense paperwork, permits, and economic and academic decisions were very pushy, I moved to England in January 2015.

After realizing in my own skin that I had chosen the coldest months to visit the country, I moved to an area near the center of this magnificent city, London and the hospital where I am rotating into a small and comfortable room; which can mean that you can save a few Euros in transport considering this is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

The cold, gray morning mist added a mysterious touch to this noisy city where the blend of luxury and cultural diversity make London one of the most unique and interesting cities in the world.

Only a few kilometers away are the facilities of the Hospital; one of the newest and most modern in the UK and Europe, which serves as a reference center around the UK.


My rotation is with the urethral reconstructive urology department led by the renowned Prof. Anthony Mundy and his team. A mature, elegant and serious, but kind man; who in each surgery shows a skill worthy of his fame accompanied by a professorship at each step of the process, aimed at other students like me who come from around the world to observe and learn.

Every small and great detail in the operations that are different from those we already know with explanations will enrich and change your perspective a little bit more; Not to mention having to deal with an exquisite English accent, which is a bit difficult to get used to at the beginning; but in time, you adapt and begin to enjoy it.

After a hard day’s work, along with other colleagues I am taking the time to get out and enjoy this beautiful city and its people, with its parks, monuments, gastronomic and cultural diversity that perfectly complement the experience.

I still have a few weeks here until I go back and return to the routine of the comfortable, familiar and safe…

It has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life, and I hope this short review will motivate others to make an external rotation as part of your training which happens in the blink of an eye; more important than this, encourages you to take a risk.

“When you want something you should know that you must take risks and that’s what makes life worth it.”

Paulo Coelho.

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