Doc to Doc Forum in BMJ





The BMJ is one of the journals that I use the most when looking for interesting and relevant articles to use in my sessions and classes with Doctors and medical professionals. Normally I choose articles from the blogs, which are useful in bringing up a topic or opening a debate. I very much enjoy Richard Smith’s blog, as he writes well and also his approach seems very often to fall in line with my way of thinking. Not always the best reason to read someone but sometimes so. Richard Smith is a former editor of the BMJ, and he is always well worth reading. His latest is an interesting anecdotal story highlighting the importnace of presenting to your audience. This is one of the keys to a good talk or presentation, and to often overlooked, I am afraid.

But today I wish to talk about and to make you aware of another section to the BMJ, and that is the Doc to Doc forum section. This is a great source of different topics, and one that should not be overlooked if you want to start a debate. The latest discussion cover a wide range of topics, and include: – ” Should patients be charged to see their doctor?”, “Do you have a favourite fictional doctor?”, “Comedy Medical education?”, “Time to big yourself up- your proudest achievement”

As you can see a broad range. The contributor of the first about charging patients to see their doctors, states –

“According to the GP’s magazine Pulse a conference of family doctors are to vote on whether the British Medical Association’s general practice committee should  ‘explore national charging for GP services’., and later asks this question- “What do you think – would charging deter timewasters or would it hit the vulnerable and be too costly to administer?” so far 55.5% of the voters were against charging.

The same contributor asks the second ( favourite fictional character) question saying-

“Do you have a favourite ficitional medic and, if so, who and why? I’m very fond of Dr Ross (aka George Clooney) from ER. V predictable I know…. I’m also a big fan of Hawkeye from MASH.”

Do you have a favourite? Sherlock Holmes? or possibly Dr House? There are also clinical questions and this week’s is about “myocardial Infarction”

Doc to doc also has blogs and they range from “Doctors blogs” to “Medical student’s blogs”, “Food for thought”, which has a subheading of – “medicine and life” and “Artsy docs blog”, which is about “the art of medicine”. There is an e-library, which has free downloadable ebooks about for instance – BMJ guide for young doctors or the BMJ guide for diabetes mellitus.

All in all I think that it is a very interesting initiative from the BMJ group and well worth a look if you have some minutes to spare.

So, have a look this weekend, and above all have a great weekend. Don’t forget if you do not know what to do and you are close to Soller head for the “valley of the oranges”, as it has its fair!!


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