Fellowship in London by Vanessa Daza Cajigal

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I am glad that Jonathan asked me to share my experience with you. The story began when I completed my training as an Immunologist at Son Espases University Hospital, and from that time I started looking for the possibility of improving my knowledge in this fascinating field. So, what better place than England? I thought… It is one of the pioneers in basic and clinical research, as well as diagnostic and innovative treatments of primary immunodeficiencies.

Nevertheless, this was not easy to get due to so many cuts in scholarships and tough competition. But the truth is that with perseverance it is possible to achieve many things! After a lot of paperwork and interviews, the Alfonso Martín Escudero Foundation awarded me a grant. This allowed me to go to London and collaborate on projects at the UCL Institute for Immunity and Transplantation at the Royal Free Hospital and the UCL Institute for Child Health.


So, here I am! A dream comes true! However although nothing could be so wonderful it is actually a very big challenge! At the beginning it was really hard to move to a new place. I was afraid of the language because, as much as you study, you will never feel confident when it comes to the crunch! But besides that, knowing other cultures and languages can teach you a lot about life, English is also the universal language of medicine. So, this is just the beginning and I hope to make the best of this experience abroad!

I strongly recommend post-MIR to undertake this kind of adventure because the opportunity to learn and share knowledge with such skilled and competitive doctors, committed to both research and their patients could be a very rewarding experience. Finally, I would like to thank Jonathan for his enormous support on this journey! He is a great teacher with enthusiasm and with the aim of helping health professionals to improve their English professional practice.

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Greetings from London!