John Bryan McFarland 1930-2013


Due to the death of my father medicalenglishblog will be off line for a short bit, but
Then back stronger than ever.

Now i wish to honour my father in the best possible way , and then
I will be back stronger than before, carrying his strength with me.

All I will say at this stage is that he was my inspiration for many many of things I have done,
Do and will do. He was the reason I have dedicated more than 10 years to Medical English, and will
Continue to do so.

John McFarland, the Medic and the Man was a reference and example to many around the world
And will not be forgotten.

5 thoughts on “John Bryan McFarland 1930-2013

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    • Thank you so much Gustavo
      I wish to honour the life of my father as he deserves it ; in all its aspects.
      Isabel is a great person and a truly great friend
      A big Liverpudlian hug!


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