Mindfulness presentation by Dr Caterina Vicens

On Tuesdays I give two courses about Medical English in the COMIB ( Colegio de Medicos de las Islas Baleares) and two days ago we were very privileged to listen to Dr Caterina Vicens Caldentey, a GP working in Son Serra-La Vileta Primary Care Centre in Palma.

199765_caterina_vicens (1)

Caterina, as well as being an excellent GP, is very involved in research. In 2012 she received her doctoral thesis from the UIB about the efficacy of withdrawing benzodiacepinas after prolonged treatment, and recently she has been in India to investigate Mindfulness and explore its thepapuetic use in patients with depression or anxiety syndromes.

This extremely interesting presentation is, as she herself says, a simple introduction to the topic; a topic which I think is going to become more and more well-known, and hopefully useful in treating these serious disorders. So, please enjoy and if, as always, you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

5 thoughts on “Mindfulness presentation by Dr Caterina Vicens

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    • Gustavo

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      I am not on holidays yet but seem to have been very busy what with one thing and another.
      Not an excuse, I know. Twenty days is TOO many.
      Maybe a Dr Catalan inteview to finish the season? Or a short post from you?
      What do you think?
      A big hug Jonathan

      • I know, I know
        But I have a solution – write the post ( short post)
        in Spanish and I will translate it –
        How is that solution?
        Or write in English and I will correct and revise it ?
        What do you think?
        See you soon


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