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I have just opened a Google + page called Medical English by Jonathan McFarland. It is complementary to my other social network pages but I think that Google + has many possibilities. You can add photos, texts, articles, videos etc so my normal videos published on Youtube and this blog will also appear on my Google+ page. However ¡t does have different tools or gadgets which could be very beneficial. For example, Hangouts – Google says –

Bring your conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free

I think that the possibilities are very interesting – you can dowload the programme onto your smart phone or your tablet – and I want to start monthly hangouts on the topic of Medical English. This is a pilot idea and thus I wish to know all those that are interested in this idea.

OK –

Have a great Sunday – the sun is shining folks ( here in Soller, at least) so get out there and enjoy yourself.

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