HealthCare professionals and Apps

I have not posted anything for a bit but I have many NEW interviews in the pipeline. However the other day I saw this article in The Guardian newspaper and thought that it was of sufficient importance to briefly comment on.

Medcine and society in general is changing at the rate of knots. One of the main, if not the main, instigator of this change is the Information technology. Nowadays more and more doctors and health professionals are using smartphones, WhatsApp has become such a useful tool that you can practically count those not using it on one hand, or you might jokingly refer to them as dinosaurs!!

I think that smartphones are currently measured in terms of their Apps; how many they have? If they are free? The use of Apps is enormous and I think that in medicine we are only just beginning to see their incredible potential. Within 5 years they will be essential tools for healthcare professionals, let alone language professionals!

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