Display and Knowledge – By Silvia Sastre, documentalist with Bibliosalut

A fascinating presentation by Silvia Sastre, documentalist at Bibliosalut about Infographics. If you wish to know more about this interesting and very current topic watch the presentation. It has some very practical links too.


Elena Pastor – Mind Map of Bibliosalut

Yesterday in my session with the members of Bibliosalut I pulled a bit of a fast one; that is a sprung a surprise for one member of the team, Elena Pastor and asked her to explain her Mind Map on Bibliosalut, and then I told her that she was going to be recorded for the blog. This is the result. Congratulations Elena for doing splendidly after the initial surprise had disappeared!!

If you wish to learn more about Bibliosalut here is their webpage



Clinical Session about SIDS


Yesterday I gave a clinical session to the Pediatric Department in Son Espases Hospital based on SIDS, or

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also called in the UK Cot death and in the USA Crib death.

I think that it is an interesting topic, and it was based on this video from the BMJ. I hope that you enjoy it.

More posts to come soon; a few videos  “in the offing” ( which means in Spanish – ” a la vista”)