New Year – time for action

9914370-action-time-start-business-or-sport-clock-indicating-moment-for-a-new-start-or-beginHappy New year to you all. The festivities have come and gone, we may be a little fatter than before or we may not, this all depends on how restrained you are when you are offered another glass of cava or another helping of turkey.

This year does not augur that well; all the pundits are talking as though this year was better not even to think about. The politicians say that there will be a recovery at the end of this year, beginning of the next. And I wonder – a recovery for whom?

For them ? 2014 will bring a return to the old ways, money in pockets no questions asked and thank you very much!”

For those working? And have you noticed how everybody says – “It is a privelige to be working nowadays”. No, it isn’t. It is a right, like public health, public education and house over your heads. But these basic rights are talked of as though they were luxuries in the present climate. For the unemployed ? A job at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014.

But I do not want to talk about what everybody is saying; I do not want to talk about next year. I want to talk about this year, 2013, the now, the present, the day to day. We do not live fromthe past and we do not know the future so that leaves us with now, and my message is “Time for action”. Now. However big, however small. Do something to help – yourself, your family, your friends, your acquaintances, your colleagues, your enemies, a stranger. Whoever and whatever. But do not listen to the politicians or the pundits. This year is here, this year is ours. Take advantage of it. And don’t forget Have a good year.

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