An Interview with Mr Juan Antonio Torrecilla

An Interview with Mr Juan Antonio Torrecilla

Here is the script for the first of the Podcast interviews. I wish to explain that, even though Juan Antonio saw the questions beforehand, it was a completely spontaneous interview, and was recorded live in Son Espases Hospital, and only once. If you listen carefully you can tell that this was the case!

For me the interview is still fresh and I have listened to it many times, and this comes from the spontaneity, the off-the -cuff “live” approach. However, Juan Antonio is not a native speaker and thus has made a few mistakes, which are in the footnotes to the text. For me his interview, however, is a very fine example of “good communication”, and this for me is the key to it all; communication is paramount in every aspect of life and in medicine even more so.

I hope that you enjoy the interview once more and with the text, and please do not forget that all comments are very welcome. In that way we can improve. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “An Interview with Mr Juan Antonio Torrecilla

  1. Thank you very much for the interview and for all the corrections. I’ve been ‘criticised’ by my friends because I’ve tried to be younger than I actually am. I had in my mind ’38 years ago’, but I dont’t know why I said 30…
    I encourage everyone to be interviewed by Jon. It’s just amazing. Thanks again!

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