An interview with Mr Juan Antonio Torrecilla

Mr Juan Antonio Torrecilla

This was the first interview in the new series of podcast interviews on health.

Mr Juan Antonio Torrecilla answered candidly to the questions asked about different aspects of his life and work, ranging from why he became a surgeon to what is his favourite guitarist. The interview will also reveal why Juan Antonio has the title of Mr and not Dr. After the interview he commented that this was his third public interview, and so far he has been interviewed in three different languages: Catalan, Spanish and now in English.

Thank you for listening and we hope that you have found the interview both informative and entertaining.

In short the text of the interview will be uploaded, where I will also comment on the language used.

6 thoughts on “An interview with Mr Juan Antonio Torrecilla

    • Thank you very much Oliver. I appreciate your comment on thise new venture and look forward to any suggestions or input that you may like to give us

  1. Congratulations to Juan Antonio and to interviewer.
    Jonathan, this is a very good idea. And I wish you all the best!!!

    • Thanks Belen. Juan Antonio is a professional interviewee. I like your ideas for other podcast sessions; we can put them into practice in September

  2. Good job, Jonathan. Juan Antonio is a good surgeon and better person. I’m waiting the next interview.

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